Dear musicians, 

I'm a big music fan and appreciate every opportunity to see a good live-show. I'm taking pictures as a hobby and do not intent do get any cash out of it anytime soon. 

My biggest benefit is to gain experience, make new friends every now and then, and enjoy the pride that a band is sharing one or two of my pictures with their fans. 

Please feel free to do so, as long as you're not printing my pictures on merchandise (posters, stickers, shirts etc.) or even your releases (live-CDs or what ever) that you will SELL. I would sincerely be honored if you want to print something with my photograph on it, but please talk to me about a reasonable reward for my work beforehand. 

(This is, by the way, all summarized by the tag "CC-BY-NC-SA" that I put on all my pictures: CC stands for creative commons and means: you can use, alter and share my work; BY means: please name me / leave my name on the picture; NC means: non commercial use only; and SA means: share alike, under the same conditions.)

As long as your're just sharing my photos online with your friends and fans, I'm totally cool with that. 

But there's one limitation, I feel the need to make: facebook. 

Facebook has it down in their terms of service, that EVERY picture, that is being uploaded on their servers, can be used by facebook in any way, INCLUDING commercial use and RESELLING. That means, if I load a picture on my facebook-wall (which I do every now and then), they have the right to use it to print and sell shirts, posters or whatever with it, without asking me or giving me a penny from the winnings. They can also sell the right to use the photo to anyone they like, so they can make money out of it. By uploading a photo, you automatically claim the rights of the photo to be yours in the first place, and you also waive them to facebook. 

So by uploading MY photos, you violate my copyright on one hand, and hand over my artwork to facebook on the other. Of course, I COULD accuse you for stealing my work and make facebook erase it, but this would be quite a hazard for both of us and I want to avoid that in the first place. 

So here's my simple request to you: 

Please do not upload any of my pictures on facebook without asking me beforehand. 

You can share LINKS to my pictures on facebook as much as you like, as you're not uploading any photo on their servers by doing that. I'm also fine with you loading them onto your own homepage and share them his way. You may alter them in any way, for example to make virtual or printed flyers (I'll even give you the high-res-versions for that). Just respect terms I summarize with CC-BY-NC-SA, and keep them of facebook. 

Thank you! :) 

 Cheers, Jessi


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